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You made the move and the investment in a traditional, standard website, but standard websites are not suitable for mobile device viewing, taking 60 seconds or more to load, then they typically format incorrectly and are crammed onto smaller screens.  Unless you optimize your website for mobile device usage soon, you could be left behind by the competition.
Redirection Script
We will set up your current website to automatically redirect mobile users to your mobile site

Optimization For Mobile Phone Viewing
We convert your existing website into a mobile friendly site.   No more pinching and zooming through a mobile website or reading text too small for the human eye.

Click To Call
Allows people to instantly call your business from their smart phone with the click of a button.  An average of 18.3% of people who visit a user friendly mobile website will click the click-to-call button to contact the business.

Business Information TEXT Messaging
Send your business information directly to your mobile site visitors through a simple TEXT message.  Visitors will receive a TEXT message containing your business name, address, phone number, email address and your website URL.
"We make it easy for visitors to get back to your mobile site quickly by adding a home screen icon!
Own aRestaurant?

Get your seats filled quickly with instant reservations.
Click For Maps and Directions
Get customers to your location easily.  When site visitors click on this button, using GPS built into their phones, they will be given step-by-step directions to your business from their current location.

Click for Restaurant Reservations
Get your seats filled quickly with instant reservations from a mobile device

Home Screen Icons (see Side Image)
Create loyalty and quick access to your mobile site with an easy download of your mobile website icon onto their iphone's home screen
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Secure Cloud Hosting
Secure Cloud Hosting
The Solution
telnet web solutions provides mobile website solutions, utilizing mini mobileWeb™ advanced technology solutions. We offer a professional and effective way to make your current website "mobile friendly" with more ways to interact with your mobile visitors,
  • Customize up to 10 pages
  • No work to be done by you
  • Automatic syncing w/ your regular site
  • Includes all of mobileWeb's Premium Features
  • Revisions with our designers
  • Help with redirecting to your new mobile site
  • custom mobile domain set up
  • Free analytics tracking
  • SMS business info
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth